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Instructions and Search Tips


Use the "Select Letters" search to find names with individual letters, letter strings or combinations at different points in the name. For example:

Starting: A, E, I, O, U
= must start with a vowel
Ending: ETTE
= must end with the suffix "ette"
Anywhere: TT, DD
= must include a double t or d
Starting: M N R + Ending: N
= must start with m, n, or r AND end with n


Use the "Current Popularity" slider to restrict your search to names that are more or less popular for babies today. Drag the left-hand pointer to the minimum level of popularity you prefer in a name, an the right-hand pointer to the maximum.

Use the "Era of Peak Popularity" drop-down if you're looking for a name with the style of a particular time period. For example, choose the earliest decades to find baby names with an antique sound, or 1930's to get ideas for character names for a story set during the Great Depression.

Mix and Match!

Experiment with using the different controls together to find, say, uncommon girls' names ending with -a that were hot during the 1920s.

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