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Sliders: The preference sliders narrow down your results to a particular range of popularity or length. Move the left dot to indicate the minimum you'd accept, the right dot to the maximum. Your results will all be in-between.

Style Preferences: Click "prefer" or "avoid" to help the MatchMaker know which style qualities you care most about. The MatchMaker will take your preferences into consideration, but it's not an absolute -- for instance, it may not be able to find a full list of names just like Luigi and Francesco that are NOT Italian!

Tip: the fewer preferences you select, the more powerful each one is. Only click the choices that are most important to you.

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You can adjust factors you care about to help the MatchMaker understand your personal taste.
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Symbols Key

Rank: Current U.S. popularity rank among all names of that sex

Graph: Graph of historical U.S. popularity since 1880. Click to open NameVoyager graph.

Celeb: The number of celebrity babies given that name. Click to view Celebrity Baby Name Database entries.

Trend: Is the name's popularity heading up (green arrow) or down (red)?

Book: A book icon means you can read a full entry for the name in the Baby Name Wizard book.

Fave: Add name to your favorites list, which you can see by clicking the Settings button at the upper right of the page.

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