Rank the Names!

This game is simple - just rank the names, in descending order with 1 being the best. You can respond to any of the previously put together lists and then put out your own list. Your list can be any length and can be all boys, all girls, or a mix of both (just make sure you clarify what gender on unisex names!) and it can have a theme or just be random.

Example round: One of my favorite nail polish brands, Zoya, gives all of their polishes womens' names, but, after more than 15 years and 900 polishes, they're occasionally grasping at straws for names sometimes. Their summer collection, Wanderlust, consisted of River, Lois, Sawyer, Cora, Byrdie, Esty (not to be confused with Etsy), Winnie, Sonja, Journey, Mandy, Scout, and Arbor, in this case all girls' names.

12. Arbor. It reads really masculine and who wants to be named after the most useless holiday, Arbor Day, Earth Day's boring little sister?

11. Scout. I really hate To Kill A Mockingbird, so that pretty much means I can't like this name it invented.

10. Esty. I get that it's short for Esther and/or Estelle, but it's hard not to say Etsy.

9. Sawyer. It's okay on girls, but I'd really it rather stay a boys' name and that pretty much means precluding it from being a girls' name.

8. River. Ditto.

7. Lois. Yeah, I know this is on track to be the next Penelope but I just can't really get behind it. I think Family Guy has this name taken forever. Sorry.

6. Journey. I may be a little biased since A) I love the band Journey and B) Journey was my favorite nail polish out of thsi collection but it's a bit wordy. Not the worst word name but not my style. The fact I can't really think of any good nicknames is another strike.

5. Byrdie. You know, I kinda like it. I'd go with Birdie as the spelling and not use it as a full name, but it's a darling nickname (especially for something like Robin or Wren or some other bird name!)

4. Cora. It's kind just okay. It was something I think I liked a little better before it started to catch on. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

3. Sonja. I've always had a soft spot for Sonja, and I don't know why it's not at all popular while Sophia reigns supreme. I'd usually say go with the spelling Sonia though, to avoid spelling & prounciation confusion, but this spelling is an anagram of Jason so it'd be a great way of honoring a familial Jason.

2. Mandy. I have a cousin Amanda so I've been partial to Mandy my whole life.

1. Winnie. I've always thought Winnifred was pretty but a little much and I hate how it lends itself to the nickname Fred, but I quite like Winnie. It's probably the only name I'd 100% say go straight to the nickname without the full form.

Next list (although you still can respond to this one if you like!): Mckenna, Beth, Joni, Presley, Hera, Padma, Hadley, Yvonne, Mona, Elaine, Tabitha, & Gal (all girls, in honor of Zoya's fall collection)


August 7, 2017 11:03 AM

Mckenna, Beth, Joni, Presley, Hera, Padma, Hadley, Yvonne, Mona, Elaine, Tabitha, & Gal

12. Hera - Not the biggest fan of how this sounds

11. Padma - Ditto

10. Joni - I prefer it as a boys name

9. Beth - A little too matrinly for my taste

8. Gal - I like this name about as much as I like the name Guy

7. Mona - Reminds me of the Pretty Little Liars character

6. Elaine - I like this name, although there are many classic names I prefer more

5. Yvonne - A nice name. I have no complaints.

4. Presley - I prefer this name more for a boy, but it still sounds cute.

3. Mckenna - I think this is an extremely pretty name, that could make for cute nicknames.

2. Tabitha - I love the nicknames that come with this name. Ex: Tab and Tabi

1. Hadley - I prefer the spelling Hadleigh, but I think this is a beautiful name. In my opinion, it roles off the tongue beautifully.

New List (although you still can respond to this one if you like!): Isla (g), Isley (g), Levi (b), Luca (b), Claire (g), Callista (g), Declan (b), Donovan (b), Blair (g), Brooke (g), Serena (g), Sebastian (b)

August 7, 2017 12:07 PM

Also, anyone who comes after can respond to any of the previous lists!

12. Isley. I think because of the Isley Brothers it just reads way too maculine.

11 & 10. Levi & Luca. Soooooooo hipstery.

9. Blair. Also a little tomboyish.

8. Callista. Just can't get on with the Callie names.

7. Sebastian. Under the sea! Under the sea! This song will follow your baby Sebastian for the rest of his days!

6. Isla. No baby is an island! I also have a little trouble getting on with names that only got popular because of a celeb.

5. Declan. It's just okay. I like it enough.

4. Brooke. Like Mandy I have a cousin Brooke so I've always had a soft spot for it.

3. Donovan. I really like the nickname Donnie.

2. Claire. A modern classic.

1. Serena. I LOVE Serena, it's a shame it's so hated. So so pretty. Serenity's not terrible but I don't know why people like it better than this beauty.

Next: (all girls, this was Zoya's summer collection a few years back) Rocha, Kitridge, Rooney, Wendy, Ling, Tilda, Binx, Stassi, Muse, Alma, Jesy, Harper.

August 11, 2017 10:26 PM

12. Wendy (I know a very unpleasant Wendy)

11. Rocha (Sounds like a disease, not a name)

10. Stassi (Prententious)

9. Muse (Seems like a hard name to live up too)

8. Binx (I like this for maybe a family nickname. It reminds me of Hocus Pocus as well)

7. Ling (Just not my style)

6. Jesy (Hate the spelling but do not mind the name)

5. Kitridge (At first, did not like it, say it out loud a couple of time, I like it. I love the nn Kit)

4. Harper (I am just over this name)

3. Tilda (I like it. Snappy)

2. Rooney (This is a guilty pleasure name of mine.)

1. Alma (Short, sweet, and grows well. Like it)


Next: Avery, Stella, Beatrix, Audra, Cleo, Luna, Piper, Moxie, Quinn,  Darby, Freya, Layla, Imogen, Willow, Phoebe Maxine, Odette, Zora

August 12, 2017 12:58 PM

Avery - Does no one else see "envelopes" ? *sigh*

Stella - I love Stella, short & sweet.

Beatrix - Gotta say, I adore Beatrix! spunky & smooth.Trixie takes the cake!

Audra - All I can think of is 'It' She was Bill's wife who saw the deadlights and lived.

Cleo - another love. I always wanted to be Cleo when I ws a kid. I love her elegant look.

Luna - I can see the appealof soft feminine Luna but all I think of is flooring.

Piper - It's an airplane people!

Moxie - a soda.

Quinn - greasy & slimy Quinn holds nothing for me.

Darby - The surname of my HS nemesis.

Freya - I can see the appeal but I think it's pretensious to name a girl Aphrodite, Freya or Venus.what if she's Not gorgeous?

Layla - I like Layla but the Clapton song....

Imogen - a lovely, gorgeous underused gem of a name.

Willow - I can see the appeal & it's my favorite tree but I could never use this, too much tree not enough name for me.

Phoebe -It's alright but all I think of is Phobia  when I see it.

Maxine -This is a solid choice to me. I love Maxine!

Odette - I adore Opera names and this ismy fave of the bunch!

Zora - I like Zora but don't love her, she's a bit to close too Sore for me.


NewList -G: Cecily, Elspeth, Penelope, Ottilie, Zelda,  Henrietta .B: Rex, Rufus, Clarence, Alasdair, Barnaby, Angus.


August 13, 2017 6:59 PM

You're supposed to rank the names, not just respond to them.

12: Ottilie: I'm sorry but this is the most hideous name I've ever seen. There's some names you just narrate a half decent sounding girl's version out of and Otto is one of them.

11: Elspeth: Sounds like you're spitting.

10: Barnaby: Too crotchety old man.

9: Cecily. I will never like this name, stop trying to convince me i'ts not awful.

8: Zelda. I like the games but Zelda Fitzgerald was a talentless hack.

7: Alasdair. I think the Alas in it is throwing me off.

6. Angus. Too beefy.

5. Clarence. Too close to clearance.

4. Henrietta. a little too cliche ugly woman like Bertha.

3. Penelope. You know, I can get behind it's sudden return to fame but it's getting over used.

2. Rufus. I quite like it although it's a little doggy.

1. Rex. It's a little on the nose but I do quite like it.

New List: (all girls) Ainsley, August, Charissa, Della, Jolene, Mariolis, Maylee, Ani, Dylan, Josie, Liesl, Marianne

August 14, 2017 12:19 AM

12. Jolene: love the song, but it's a little boyish for me and i can't get past the 'joe' ,also i can ONLY think of the song.

11. Ainsley: man, idk why...i just have never liked this name. the spelling seems like a try hard hipster name

10.Maylee: sounds pretty, but a little southern...not my fav

9. Charissa: not a fan...reminds me of the word crisp and it weirds me out

8. Ani: is this on-E or annie? don't like on-E but i like annie!

7.Josie: i don't know why but i rlllllyyy don't like this one

6. Marianne: reminds me of an old lady

5. Mariolis: this is very pretty sounding, but ppl would read it too fast and say Marisol. 

4. Dylan: pickle?

3. Della: pretty, but pls be italian!

2. August: beautiful

1. Liesl: a hidden GEM!


New List(girls!): Sansa, Jane, Cassie, Effy(short for elizabeth), Deluca, Maisie, Elsa, Heidi, Kaya, Lily, Lucy, Pandora

August 14, 2017 9:14 AM

1. Pandora -I adore Pandora! Friendly & pretty and way underused.

2. Lily -Was my Grandma's name. So despite popularity, I love Lily.

3. Lucy -I love Lucy! (pardons). :) Short, sweet and so lovely. a real winner!

4. Elsa -I've always had a soft spot for Elsa. I think it's Aces.

5. Jane -Another love of mine. Short & Gorgeous what's not to love about Jane?

6. Effy - (short for Elizabeth) I have to say upfront, I heartily dislike EliZabeth. (I adore the softer EliSabeth). But Effy is adorable! I call my Josephine Effy quite a bit.

7. Maisie -A bit too "mouse"  for me but I can easily see the appeal.

8. Kaya -Isn't this the name of the American Girl Native Indian doll ? That's all I think when I see Kaya.

9. Cassie - A bit too nicknamey for my tastes.

10. Sansa -Too tied to Game of Thrones for me. And she's a weak & watery character too. 

11. Heidi - I've met several Heidi'ss and I've never liked even one of them. Sorry!

12. Deluca - Too surnamey for my taste. I can't even se the appeal of Deluca for a girl. Put it in the middle, if you must use it.


new List: Susanna, Frances, Henrietta, Anne, Cecilia, Lilian, Katrina, Primrose, Guinevere, Iris, Winifred (nn'd Freda,), Rosamel

August 14, 2017 11:16 AM

12. Guinevere - Not a fan

11. Rosamel - Rosa on it's own sounds better

10. Henrietta - Just okay

9. Frances - I find this to be a very masculine name

8. Iris - Just okay

7. Winifred - Not the biggest fan of the name itself, but I love the nickname Freda

6. Primrose - I like the nickname Prim, my imidiate thought is the Hunger Games

5. Anne - Short and Sweet. A classic name.

4. Lilian - I prefer the spelling Lillian, but it is still a nice name none the less

3. Katrina - Pretty, although it reminds me of Hurricane Katrina

2. Susanna - This sounds very pretty, it could have very cute nicknames as well

1. Cecilia - This is a beautiful, classic name. Love it!

New List: Milo (B), Dash (B), Lincoln/Link (B), Mia (G), Chloe (G), Cleo (G), Jasper (B), Felix (B), Nico (B), Minnie (G), Hazel (G), Aria (G)

August 15, 2017 12:27 AM

12. Mia. Always loathed Mia, I've always thought of it as a druggie teen mom's name.

11. Milo. Soooooooooo hipstery. For your baby shower present, I've decided to give baby Milo Baby's First Fedora and The Decemberists Sing Nursery Rhymes.

10. Nico. Also super hipstery but not so bad as Milo. I'll just get baby Nico Baby's First Suspenders.

9. Hazel. It's pretty but it's going to be a long time until I get past The Fault in Our Stars. Also pretty hipstery. For baby Hazel, I brought Baby's First Flower Crown.

8. Lincoln/Link. I like Lincoln and Link enough, I think Lincoln's a bit surnamey and a bit place namey (as in Lincoln Nebraska), and Link's a little too wordy but I like it enough.

7. Jasper. I really love Jasper but it's everywhere.

6. Aria. Ditto.

5. Dash. I like it and I like The Incredibles but probably because of The Incredibles I can't quite picture this growing well with a kid.

4. Minnie. I've had a soft spot for Minnie my whole life because I really love Minnie Mouse, I mean, I know a lot of Ariels and Belles and Jasmines and Auroras that were named with the princesses in mind, I don't know why Minnie's so off limits.

3. Chloe. I've always had a soft spot for Chloe, no matter how huge it was (I do admit it needs to take a break though)

2. Felix. Although Felix is also super hipstery, I don't hate it like I do Milo or Bruno. Maybe it's because it doesn't end in a stupid O. Well, one of my favorite TV shows as a kid had a Felix as a lead so that's more probably why.

1. Cleo. Speaking of names from my favorite shows as a kid, H2O was the best.

Next: Poster's choice: Respond to any previous list you haven't already responded to yourself!

August 16, 2017 5:51 PM

I'll be responding to the very first list

12. Arbor - Not a fan

11. Journey - Seems like a try hard name

10. River - Ditto

9. Lois - Will be the next Anne or Elise

8. Mandy - I prefer the name Amanda as a whole

7. Sonja - Nice name, but I like the spelling Sonia better

6. Sawyer - More of a boys name, but I

5. Cora - Not a bad name. Not my favorite

4. Esty - Sounds pretty

3. Byrdie - I prefer the spelling Birdie and prefer it as a nickname

2. Scout - I wasn't the biggest fan of How to Kill a Mockingbird, but I really like the name

1. Winnie - Love it, such a cute name

Next: Arlo (G), Avalon (G), Camillia (G), Christina (G), Maxwell (B), Maddox (B), Brayden (B) Bradley (B), Daniel (B), Dylan (B), Daphne (G), Steven (B), Savannah (G)

August 16, 2017 6:37 PM

12. Arlo. I hate it for boys and for girls. Also, admit you never heard of it before The Good Dinosaur.

11. Brayden. I've never met an Aiden variant with any intelligence and I bet I never will.

10. Maddox. Super trendy.

9. Camillia. I love Camille but I can live without Camilla and its variants.

8. Steven. I don't have anything against it, it's just very vanilla.

7. Bradley. Same.

6. Dylan. Same.

5. Daniel. Same, but I've always had a soft spot for Danny.

4. Avalon. Why isn't this popular? It has what everyone loves about Ava, Eden, and Genesis all in one.

3. Christina. I've talked about it before but it seems like Christine & Christina are the go to harpy names, I don't know why. I don't think I've ever known any Christinas.

2. Savannah. Although the only Savannah I've ever known was very blah I still really think the name is beautiful.

1. Daphne. I like most mythological names and Daphne's always seemed very sweet.

Next List: The lovely ladies of Mambo #5 (only 9 this time): Monica, Erica, Rita, Tina, Sandra, Mary, Jessica, Angela, Pamela (the last two are only mentioned in one of the verses.)

August 17, 2017 8:12 AM

@saltwatertaffy: I've known about Arlo for years! Arlo Guthrie is one of my favorite people on Earth!




9. Angela - every Angel- named girl I've ever known has been a complete b***h. No thanks.

8. Sandra - dated big time to the 70's. Not ready for prime time yet.

7. Monica - Lewinski ruined this name for me.

6. Erica - despite having a cousin with this name, I find it boring and dated.

5. Pamela - again, I have a cousin with this name. Still rather dated.

4. Jessica - I like the Shakespeare link, but that's all.

3. Tina - Fay has rescued her name! I like the short, sweet lilt of Tina.

2. Mary - Almost refreshing to hear anymore.

1. Rita - I love short, darling Rita. And it's a Beatles name too.


New List: Cecila, Genevieve, Josephine, Florence, Helen, Violet, Frances, Edward, Benjamin, Stanley


August 17, 2017 10:44 PM

^I love Arlo Guthrie too but he's not a household name, you know what I mean?

10. Genevieve. A little too frilly and a bit pretentious.

9. Benjamin. Never been a fan.

8. Frances. Every celeb family has a Frances.

7. Violet. Ditto. I think it's beautiful I'm just really bored with it.

6. Edward. I like Edmund better but I like Eddie.

5. Stanley. Is it weird that I like this name because Stanley was my favorite character on the Office?

4. Cecila. Never heard of this before. It's interesting.

3. Josephine. I like Josie but Josephine's a little stuffy/frilly.

2. Florence. It's got the opposite problem, I like the full Florence but Flo is pretty unusable being the archetypical waitress name.

1. Helen. I love Helen, it's a classic without being too stuffy or too dated or too trendy classic (like Caroline or Abigail - the old names that everyone picks at the same time making them not special anymore, you know what I mean?).

New List: (all girls, 10) Alison, Aubrey, Cassandra, Delores, Ellis, Lydia, Rachael, Rayma, Sara, Zoey

August 18, 2017 8:40 AM

@saltwatertaffy: That list was my mother (Frances) and the rest of her family!


10. Aubrey  -I have never liked Aubrey. It's probably irrational of me but well, that's that. :)

9. Ellis -reads all boy to me.

8. Zoey -I always think Zoe-ee when I see Zoey why that stupid extraneous y?

7. Rayma - because I don't like the sound of it.

6. Cassandra - I like Cassie but the full Casandra feels a bit pretensious to me.

5. Allison -I prefer Alison to double L Allison but there's nothing wrong with the name itself.

4. Sara - this is my favorite spelling of Sara. I heartily dislike that extra h. I think it's sweeter this way.

3 Rachel - a perfectly lovely name.

2. Delores - I adore Dolores! sweet &A little sad even. But oh so gorgeous when you say it aloud!

1. Lydia - I love elegant Lydia. Simply gorgepus in looks and sound!


N ew List: (9 girls) Saskia, Capucine, Rupinder, Xiomara, Kathleen, India, Georgiana, Marisol, Pandora.

August 18, 2017 4:38 PM

9. Rupinder. I'm guessing this isn't a name from a culture I'm familiar with but it looks like Rupert mixed with Alexander, ie. SUPER masculine.

8. Capucine. I can't decide if Capuchin Monkeys or Cappuccinos are the worse association with the name.

7. Saskia. It sounds like a dog's name, and I loathe the nickname Sassy - sass is something you want to nip in the bud!!!

6. Xiomara. Seems kinda made up.

5. Georgiana. I hate every George based name but Georgiana is super posh, even more so than the others. I can't not picture a Georgiana who's not a snobby British girl who's super judgemental and relies on daddy's money.

4. Pandora. On sound alone I like it but the cultural associations (both mythological and Avatar) really weigh this down.

3. India. It's pretty but it kind of sounds a little trying too hard.

2. Marisol. I think it's very beautiful, the only hangup I have is that it rhymes with parasol.

1. Kathleen. So beautiful and classic, not dated at all in spite of its mid century boom. This name stands out like a sore thumb in this list though!

New List: Bernadette, Betty, Claudia, Coretta, Eleanor, Emily, Heidi, Leona, Liza, Martina, Rosa, Savannah (all g)

August 19, 2017 10:16 PM

12. Heidi- I knew a girl with this name and she was so whiny. I just do not like the sound combo as well.. it almost sounds like you are asking a question.

11. Bernadette- Old but not clunky-sweet old, just matronly old

10. Claudia- Underwhelming

9. Coretta- I am growing tired of Cor- names but Coretta Scott King is a plus for this name

8. Betty- Can be sweet and think that in like 10 years there will be a resurgence but it is just blah to me. I mainly think of Betty Boop.

7. Martina- I think it is too connected to McBride but I think it is pretty

6. Rosa- I like Rose names and think this is a cute name

5. Eleanor- Used to love it but it is so popular now. I like this spelling the best. 

4. Liza- Cute.

3. Savannah- I have always found this name to be cute. Sorta girl-next-door.

2. Emily- Shame it is so popular but it is a great name. I do not think that popularity bothers me though.

1. Leona- Beautiful, classic, easy to say and not the most popular without being too unique.


New List: Greek Mythology Girl Names- Phoebe, Selene, Rhea, Penelope, Iris, Daphne, Athena, Calliope, Cassandra, Danae, Melaina, Nyx, Thalia

August 19, 2017 10:55 PM

Selene,  Daphne, Thalia

13. Danae. A little too mythological and Danae's a little too much of a supporting player in her myth to be an interesting namesake.

12. Melaina. I like Melanie but not this so much.

11. Nyx. A little goth.

10. Rhea. I do like it I'm just not head over heels. Rhea's another figure who's not the most interesting namesake because she has, like, half a myth.

9. Penelope. It's everywhere and I'm clearly in the minority but I still think Penelope is super stodgy old lady.

8. Calliope. Just a general aversion to Callie names.

7. Iris. I don't think anyone really uses Iris as a myth reference though.

6. Cassandra. I really like Cassie and I like the full Cassandra too but the mythological figure is a negative.

5. Phoebe. I've always had a soft spot for Phoebe, kind of a guilty pleasure.

4. Athena. I'm actually glad this is catching on, she's so cool.

3. Thalia. I love the muse names and I like the connection to ancient comedy.

2. Daphne. Another guilty pleasure, I think I love Daphne because of Some Like It Hot, is that weird?

1. Selene. So beautiful. Selena's kinda dated and Luna's a little trendy but Selene is a classic.

New List: Shakespearean Ladies: Beatrice, Portia, Juliet, Rosalind, Hermia, Miranda, Viola, Helena, Katherina, Perdita, Emilia, Jessica

August 20, 2017 1:45 AM

12. Hermia - sounds like hernia to me. 

11. Emilia - Much too much like Emily for my liking.

10. Jessica - a perfectly lovely name, still dated to the 80's for me.

9. Miranda - I've liked Miranda for a long time but it still feels very 70's to me.

8. Katherina - I'm alright with just about every Katherine variant.

7. Juliet - maybe I should have put this one above Katherina?

6. Helena - The many pronunciations of Helena make me a little leery of it. but I still like it.

5. Viola - the fact that I have no idea what the pronunciation is makes me rank Viola here.

4. Rosalind - I love this so much I gave it to my daughtr as her middle name.

3. Beatrice - The fact that when I look at Beatrice I see Beat rice makes me rank her here.

2. Portia - I've loved Portia forever, sadly everyone in my circle thinks Porche before Portia.

1. Perdita - I've also loved Perdita forever, It's meaning doesn't faze me at all.



New list: Rex, Royal, Loyal, Clare, Lorne, Barnaby, Stanley, Kenneth,  Leo, Simon.

August 21, 2017 7:46 PM

10. Loyal- Is this a name?

9. Royal- Is this a name? However, this is more believable as a name than loyal

8. Clare- It has turned feminine, so it is all-girl for me. 

7. Lorne- I just do not like the sound that it makes

6. Stanley- Not bad, generic

5. Kenneth- I do not like the -th at the end, sounds like I am hissing

4. Barnaby- I can get behind this but just not my favorite

3. Simon- I should like this name more than I do given my style but it is not bad

2. Rex- Even though it is a dog name, I like it. I think it is cute. 

1. Leo- One of my favorite boy names. 


New list: (13) Ruby, Indigo, Scarlett, Jade, Sienna, Sage, Cyan, Olive, Violet, Rose, Clementine, Mauve, Kelly

August 22, 2017 1:02 PM

13. Clementine. Since "My Darlin' Clementine" is about a young girl who drowns I can't help but think of this as a vexed name.

12. Cyan. The first thing that comes to mind is printer ink.

11. Mauve. I like the color mauve but it doesn't make for a good name. Maybe because I've always hated Maeve.

10. Olive. Admittedly, this is mostly because Olive is my least favorite color of all time. But it does seem a little blah and I'm so bored with Olivia and this is just too close, I want them both to go away.

9. Sage. I'm pretty meh on this for boys and girls.

8. Indigo. I like this a lot for boys but I despise it on girls, so it kind of evens out.

(tie)5. Ruby, Rose, & Violet. These super old and retro names are all getting so overused I'm kind of getting bored with them. I still think they're beautiful and I don't quite want them to burn like Emma... yet, anyway (I'd say Ruby is closest to that level of oversaturation with Violet not far behind)

4. Scarlett. I still really like Scarlett despite it being everywhere. It might get to Emma levels of oversaturation but it'll probably fall before it gets that far.

3. Jade. Beautiful stone, beautiful name.

2. Kelly. The only Kelly I've ever known was awesome.

1. Sienna. I love this as both a city tribute (despite the spelling difference) and the color reference. It's modern without sounding made up or too trendy.

New List: Men of The Simpsons (12): Bartholomew, Ned, Clancy, Barney, Abraham, Gil, Montgomery, Otto, Seymour, Waylon, Martin, Rainier

August 24, 2017 2:47 AM

12. Rainier - I always see this name as Rain-ier as in "It's rainier here this winter than snowier".

11. Gil - I don't mind Gil as a nn for Gillevary or  Gilbert. But on his own, he sounds more like a fish part.

10. Bartholmew - I heartily Dislike Bart, So Bartholmew is something I would never use myself.

9. Seymour -It's still a 90 year old man,  in my head. I suppose it's actually a bit hip too.

8. Montgomery - I know it's the Simpson's character's surname and that's where pretensious  should stay.

7. Abraham - Abraham is just too much to live up to, In every aspect of Abraham. (Lincoln, BibleDude)

6. Waylon - Is far too Jennings for me.

5. Ned - Is my Preferred nn of choice for the familial Edward I love.

4. Otto- I want to adore Otto, I do, But it still makes me think of Sarge's dog. In Beetle Bailey, you know?

3. Clancy - as a nn for Clarence, Clancy is awesome. but as a standalone, It's not my thing at all.

2. Martin -I've known particularly 2 Martins in my life. ( and I'm almost 50) Ever. One was very, very bad and one was an Angel. I choose to remember that Angel and forget about the evil one. :)

1. Barney - So what if people expect his surname to be Rubble. ? I beyond adore Barney and his sound. I absolutely Love Barney!



New List: Poster's choice of any list you've not gotten to yourself yet. :)



August 24, 2017 11:46 AM

I'll go with the long one (I'm also assuming these are all girls): Avery, Stella, Beatrix, Audra, Cleo, Luna, Piper, Moxie, Quinn,  Darby, Freya, Layla, Imogen, Willow, Phoebe Maxine, Odette, Zora


18. Quinn. I like this for boys but not at all for girls. It seems like a mean girl's name.

17. Darby. I like Darcy but this reads a little mannish.

16. Avery. Shame this went girl. I actually think it's a cute unis3x name but there's no such thing as a unis3x name.

15. Moxie. This would be a cute nickname but not a cute given name.

14. Zora. It's not my least favorite of the -ora names (that would be Elora) but I'm still not in love with the whole trend.

13. Odette. I like it on sound but the tragic operatic connection really weighs it down.

12. Layla. I think it's darling but it really needs to take a break.

11. Willow. Same.

10. Beatrix. I like this a lot more than stuffy old Beatrice but I'm still not in love with it. I like Trixie a lot though.

9. Stella. Beautiful but it's just gotten so big it's lost its luster.

8. Freya. I like it enough.

7. Luna. I like it a lot but I like Selene better, I hate Luna Lovegood, and this name needs to take a break.

6. Audra. I still don't know why this isn't crazy popular.

5. Phoebe. It's kind of shrinking on me, although I still like it.

4. Imogen. Another one I don't know why this hasn't caught on. Hipsters, get on it!

3. Cleo. See above.

2. Piper. I'm a little biased because this is my cat's name (we were thinking of the Pied Piper because he got rid of all the rats :) ). That said I do not care for Orange is the New Black.

1. Maxine. I don't care what anyone says, this name is ready for a revival. Max is so big right now for boys, why is this not big for girls?

Next List: Disney Heroines: Alice, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Elsa, Esmeralda, Giselle, Jane, Jasmine, Marian, Megara, Tiana

August 26, 2017 7:29 PM

12. Giselle- This name always read as mean-girl. 

11. Ariel- I just think she will called Areola and that is a no.

10. Esmeralda- Not my style but pretty and spunky despite it being a long name

9. Alice- It seems so common now.

8. Megara- I do not mind this but wouldn't use it

7. Tiana- Just okay

6. Aurora- It is hard for my to say but I love the nickname Rory

5. Jasmine- Pretty scent, decent name

4. Marian- Simple and classic

3. Elsa- Loved it and tired of it. Ugh Frozen.

2. Jane- Pretty, classic, simple. It is a name that can be made to whatever, either girly, sporty, girl-next-door etc.

1. Belle- Love it. Pretty and simple. 


Next List: Marina, Bay, Darya, Kendra, Maya, Brooke, Lake, Delta, Oceane, Kaia, Raine, Isla, Tallulah

August 26, 2017 9:02 PM

12. Bay. Kinda ruined by "bae".

11. Darya. Just not my thing.

10. Delta. A little too Greek Letter-y.

9. Lake. I like it better for boys.

8. Oceane. That last -e is going to get forgotten. Often.

7. Raine. Rain in all of its spellings has always felt more boy to me, I don't know why. It'd be a cute nickname for Lorraine though.

6. Kaia. It's a little too "raindrop-y" for my taste but it's nice enough and doesn't feel that fake looking.

5. Isla. It's everywhere.

4. Maya. Doesn't really read watery to me though.

3. Brooke. It's a modern classic.

2. Tallulah. I can understand it being a little much for some people but I'm genuinely surprised it's not catching on at least a little.

1. Kendra. Still my favorite K name of all time.

New List: Song title ladies: Alison, Amanda, Cecilia, Delilah, Helena, Layla, Lola*, Natalie, Rhiannon, Rosanna, Roxanne, Sherry

*Yeah I know this song's about a dude. :) But we'll use it as a girl's name here.

August 30, 2017 11:44 AM

12) Sherry. a) to me, it reads as an old lady name and b) this is the exact same spelling as the drink, so it's like naming your child Whiskey or Beer. 

11) Amanda. I've never been a fan, and, again, I associate it with people very firmly older than myself. To be fair, I'm fifteen, so that's most people, but I just can't get that dated feel out of my mind.

10) Cecilia. It's just so... frilly. Oddly enough, Cecily is one of my favorite names, but I've just never liked Cecilia.

9) Lola. Charlie and Lola, anyone? To me, the name Lola just doesn't have any weight to it. It's got a bit of a whimsical feel for some reason. I don't know.

8) Layla. I don't mind it, but it's just not got much going for it. 

7) Natalie. Just not a huge fan, plus for some reason it feels like a 'mean girl' name. I'm sure there are lots of very nice Natalies, but that's just the vibe I'm getting.

6) Roxanne. It's okay, but I'm not a fan of any name with an X in it, really. 

5) Delilah. I actually do like Delilah, but not that much. It just doesn't really feel like an actual person.

4) Rosanna. Pretty, but not my style. 

3) Helena. This name is full of fond associations for me, so I like it. This probably isn't the point of the game, but whatever.

2) Rhiannon. This is a nice name, with cool sounds, but not my absolute favorite.

1) Alison. I prefer Alice, but Alison is a great name. It manages to be cute and more sturdy-sounding at the same time, which is hard to achieve.


New names: Rosalie, Emmeline, Ashleigh, Ianthe, Greta, Lilian, Katharine, Magdalena, Vienna, Georgina.

August 30, 2017 12:20 PM

Funny enough, Cecily is my all time least favorite name. It's such a mean girl name.

10. Georgina. I can't picture a Georgina or a Georgiana who's not super snobby posh British.

9. Lilian. I like Lillian I just don't like this spelling.

8. Ianthe. Seems a little too ethereal.

7. Emmeline. It's fine. Beats Emma.

6. Rosalie. It's pretty it's just kinda lost its luster. It's a little too popular.

5. Magdalena. I love Magdalene but I'm not quite as in love with Magdalena, mostly because I can't stand Lena, but I still like it.

4. Ashleigh. I hate to admit this, but this is a major guilty pleasure name of mine. I don't usually like -leigh names but I like Ashleigh. Maybe I think Ashley still kinda reads a bit masculine?

3. Vienna. I actually quite like this although it's super trendy. I've always wanted to go to Vienna.

2. Greta. I love Greta Garbo, so this is a natural fave.

1. Katharine. But I love Katharine Hepburn even more! Shame there's so many spellings of Katharine.

New List: Movie Title Ladies: Anastasia, Carrie, Christine, Elizabeth, Gigi, Gilda, Juno, Laura, Louise, Marnie, Rebecca, Thelma

August 30, 2017 9:56 PM

12. Gilda- It is too harsha sounding

11. Thelma- Too trailer-trash in my opinion

10. Christine- Seems too outdated, just never liked it

9. Carrie- I just feel like it is a give-up name. Like it is okay, but people can do better.

8. Laura- I is underwhelming to me. 

7. Anastasia- I do not like the name as a whole but is has great nicknam potential.

6. Rebecca- A classic.

5. Marnie- Cute nickname but does not age well in my opinion

4. Louise- I perfer Louisa but is is cute

3. Elizabeth- Another classic with great nickname potential

2. Gigi- A great nickname that sounds so fun

1. Juno- Guilty pleasure. I do not think I can use it becuase it is so attached to the movie but it is great. 


New List: Unis3x names- Skyler, Charlie, Finley, Casey, Dakota, Remi, Phoenix, Rowan, Shay, Devin, Wren, Cameron

August 31, 2017 10:52 AM

12. Remi. The only Remi I've ever known was a future serial killer, I almost go into shock everytime I hear this name.

11. Finley. This name just sounds idiotic on boys or girls. I can't get behind it at all. I don't like Finn but at least I get that one. Finley is just a moronic name.

10. Rowan. I had a horrible teacher Rowan.

9. Charlie. Boy or girl this just sounds too posh British.

8. Wren. I like it better for boys than girls. Either way it seems a little short. It'd be a cute nickname though.

7. Shay. I'm just kinda meh on this name for boys or girls. Also seems just a little too short.

6. Casey. It's a little dated for both boys and girls, but I'm pretty good with it.

5. Phoenix. It'd be number one if we were just doing boys' names but I knew a girl Phoenix once who was super weird.

4. Skyler. I like Skylar better for boys or girls but I do like the name.

3. Devin. I like Devon better for boys or girls but I also like this name.

2. Dakota. It feels very rugged and outdoorsy on a boy but kinda cute and preppy on a girl, that's kinda weird.

1. Cameron. It's probably in my top 30 for boys and girls.

New List: Celestial names: (g): Astrid, Celeste, Estelle, Luna, Ursa, Vega, Venus (b) Aries, Gemini, Leo, Mars, Orion

September 1, 2017 6:56 PM

12. Venus- Rhymes with a male appendge

11. Ursa- Sounds too harsha

10. Gemini- Does not seem like a name to me

9. Vega- Sounds alright 

8. Mars- I think it is an interesting name that could be cool but could be associated with chocolate as well

7. Aries- At first this was lower but it is growing on me

6. Celeste- Sorta fussy but I think it is okay

5. Astrid- I really like this name but I think that a kid could be teased with this name too, sigh

4. Orion- Sporty, manly, grows well, what not to like

3. Luna- I think Luna, it is fun and spunky. 

2. Leo- Love. One of my favorite male baby names

1. Estelle- I really like this name. I love the nickname Stella as well


New List: Top baby girl names- Emma, Olivia, Ava, Sophia, Isabella, Mia, Amelia, Charlotte, Harper, Aria, Ella, Abigail, Evelyn

September 1, 2017 8:26 PM

13. Emma. Good God, this was in the top 10 when I was born! I'm an adult now! FIND ANOTHER NAME PEOPLE!

12. Mia. I still can't shake the image of a druggie teen mom off of Mia. I don't know where I got that from but I can't stand this name.

11. Olivia. It's pretty but I'm so bored with it. Another name that was popular even when I was a kid.

10. Sophia. You do realize naming your kid a name that means smart won't make them smart, right?

9. Ella. Very blah. Not the worst ever though.

8. Isabella. I like it more than Isabelle but less than Isabel or Isobel. I loathe Izzy but Bella is quite charming.

7. Ava. It's pretty mediocre. Not the worst name to get huge but it's pretty blah.

6. Amelia. I like it enough.

5. Abigail. I still quite like Abby, admittedly. But this is another one that's been big for a long time, it kind of needs a break.

4. Charlotte. It's a classic. I can't stand Charlie but I adore Lottie.

3. Harper. Admittedly, I like Harper. It's crazy far from my usual style but I think it's cute and girly, unlike the rest of the surname trend.

2. Evelyn. Probably my favorite of the Eve extention names. I think it's quite charming and retro-cool. Can live without Evie though.

1. Aria. Another guilty pleasure name. I usually loathe names with more vowels than consonants, but I love love love Aria. I'm not even a huge GoT or PLL fan, I just like it on its own merit.

New List: Florals! (& other botanicals) (all girls): Rose, Daisy, Poppy, Iris, Ivy, Hazel, Laurel, Lily, Juniper, Flora, Blossom, Tulip

September 2, 2017 2:05 AM

12. Blossom- It's just way too cutesy. It doesn't even sound like a name.

11.Tulip- Same as Blossom, except the flowers themselves are so beautiful, so it has that going for it.

10. Hazel- All negative associations with this one, even the color is just blah, but it's an 1880s revival which I like.

9. Daisy- It's fine, just too overused and too many namesakes.

8. Flora- This one is very pretty, but it sounds a little like a grandma to me.

7. Iris- Love the flowers and the sound, but it's a part of the eyeball, which could be a turnoff. Still beautiful though.

6. Poppy- Just so bright and fun, much like the flower! But it's a touch.... rare. I'm afraid she would get teased. Still a frontrunner though.

5. Laurel- This one has always been too boyish for my taste, but it's a cool idea.

4. Lily- Pretty but way overused, and set off so many variations.

3. Rose- Love as a first, even better as middle.

2. Juniper- So bright and sunny, I just love it.

1. Ivy- It's so gorgeous, floral namesake, feminine flare (but not cutesy), I just love it! ^^

New List (Disney Channel Characters): Teddy, Raven, Lizzie, Liv, Maddie, Bree, Skylar, China, Zuri, Emma, Riley, Maya

September 2, 2017 7:53 AM

12) China: this is a country, not a name

11) Zuri: it's kind of cute, but it doesn't really read as a name at all for me. I'm not saying that it can't be used as a name, but it doesn't feel like one.

10) Liv: I don't watch Disney Channel, so perhaps the characters full name is Olivia, which I have no issue with. However, using just Liv as the full name holds no appeal to me.

9) Bree: cheese, anyone? Apart from that, I'm not a fan of the sound.

8) Skylar: I like Skylar, but it's a bit pretentious, somehow. No idea why I get that vibe. It's a nice-ish name.

7) Lizzie: again, is this the full name? I like Elizabeth, but Lizzie as the full name isn't my thing. I just like it better than Liv.

6) Teddy: it's another nickname! Short for Edward or Theodore. However, I think it's cute. 

5) Raven: this is a bit of a guilty pleasure name for me. I'd never use it, but it gives me a secret thrill every time I hear it.

4) Maya: to me, this is a good name that just doesn't have much going for it. There are no strong, defining sounds in this name, but it's nice anyway.

3) Riley: another guilty pleasure name. I actually used to go by Riley on a social media website a couple of years ago.

2) Maddie: it's a nickname, but I don't actually mind the idea of using Maddie as the full name. Weird.

1) Emma: I love Emma. Yes, it's popular and has been for a while, but popularity doesn't exist for no reason. Emma is solid, yet versatile. You can't go wrong with Emma.

To clarify, I don't think that nicknames shouldn't be used as full names, it's just not my thing. 

New list: Abigail, Emery, Imogen, Eve, Margaux, Ember, Isla, Madisyn, Roberta, Margery, Ann, Hilary 

September 2, 2017 9:25 AM

12. Margaux. This spelling is so weird. Also, isn't -aux the French masculine plural? Strange name for one girl!

11. Madisyn. This spelling makes me think of sin.

10. Hilary. You can't use this name and not be making a political statement.

9. Emery. Sounds like Emily in a weird accent.

8. Margery. I love Marjorie but this spelling looks stupid.

7. Roberta. The only Roberta I've ever met was really b****y, and she went by Robbie. WHYYYYYY!

6. Ember. I like it on sound alone but I think it's kind of weird to name your kid after a tiny fleck of light that only lasts a couple of seconds.

5. Isla. I'm pretty sure I've responded to this name a billion times.

4. Ann. I perfer Ann but I'm so sick of Anna I miss both spellings of Ann(e) dearly.

3. Abigail. I've responded to this one a bunch of times too.

2. Imogen. I really like Imogen, but I can see why it's not that big in the States. It does look a lot like image and rhymes with pathogen. I guess I could say it's a guilty pleasure.

1. Eve. A beautiful classic. No frills attatched, I like that!

Next List: Top 12 girls names of 1880 (the first year of US name statistics): Mary, Anna, Emma, Elizabeth, Minnie, Ida, Margaret, Alice, Bertha, Sarah, Annie, Clara

September 3, 2017 11:05 AM

12. Bertha: This is just a big gun to me.

11. Minnie: Mouse, need I say more?

10. Ida: I'd a what? too jokey.

9. Elizabeth: Oh how I loathe that z!

8. Annie: I doon't like "nickname" names.

7. Emma: I want to like Emma but it's like every girl is named Emma anymore.

6. Sarah: I loathe that final h.

5. Mary: starting to feel fresh again

4. Anna: generic but alright.

3. Clara: I love this sweet & cheery name.

2. Alice: Elegant & lovely.

1.Margaret: I love starchy, proper Margaret. I love nn Daisy too.


New List: Top 12 boys of 1986: Michael, David, James, John, Robert, William, Mark, Richard, Christopher, Brian, Timothy, Thomas.

September 3, 2017 3:51 PM

12. Timothy. Both of the Timothys I knew growing up were super weird.

11. Thomas. Very blah.

10. William. Unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't mind never meeting another William again. It's also super snoozefest, and I loathe Will (although I've always had a soft spot for Billy.)

9. Mark. I like it but it's a little meh.

7(tie). Christopher & Brian. These were my two neighbor boys as a kid. Good times.

6. Robert. I can live without Rob & Bob but Robbie is darling.

5. John. The full John is nice and straightforward, but I adore Johnny.

4. Michael. Angel names are cool.

3. David. A classic that doesn't feel overused *cough*William*cough*

2. Richard. I've always had a soft spot for Richard. Tiny bit surprised it's not a bit more popular now because a lot of the old king names are coming back in vogue (Henry, George, Edward). Rich & Dick have their obvious problems but I love Ricky.

1. James. A long time family favorite.

New List: Top girls of 1900: Mary, Helen, Anna, Margaret, Ruth, Elizabeth, Florence, Ethel, Marie, Lillian, Annie, Edna

September 3, 2017 4:37 PM

12. Edna- Sounds too much like a grandma, and I definitely prefer the Ed- prefix for boys.

11. Helen- Never liked it, and I don't really know why. For some reason it just signals dullness.

10. Ethel- Just too old with too many consonants, but I like the -l ending.

9. Florence- Love the Italian city namesake, but it hasn't yet had it's due revival.

8. Margaret- Same as Helen. 

7. Ruth- I love the Bible character and her story, but it lacks some of the youth of other Biblical hits.

6. Elizabeth- Unpopular opinion, but it's just too plain and overused.

5. Annie- I love it and it's western vibes, but it's a bit cutesy.

4. Mary- It's just so overly common, but it's pretty and classic.

3. Anna- Pretty and solid, you can't go wrong.

2. Marie- Very close second, I love the French sound, the gracefulness, and of course the namesakes.

1. Lillian- So timeless and beautiful, it's a truly lovely name worthy of wearers.

New List (Celtic Girls): Alys, Brenna, Emlyn, Fallon, Flannery, Gwyneth, Maeve, Maisie, Nora, Ryan, Teagan, Tierney

September 3, 2017 6:05 PM

12. Alys. I thought this said ALS at first. As sick as I am of Alice I'd say go with that.

11. Fallon. It's the lethal combonation of too masculine and dated to the '80's.

10. Maeve. I don't get the appeal. At all. It's too many letters for one syllable. Definitely one I'm pretty salty is getting big.

9. Flannery. Honestly I like it better for boys.

8. Tierney. It's just got such a weird sound. It starts with Tier?

7. Emlyn. I'm surprised this isn't a bit more popular, it seems exactly in line with trends.

6. Ryan. For girls I prefer a spelling like Ryann or Ryanne.

5. Teagan. I like Teagan I just don't like this spellng (Tea- ?). Tiegen is my fave spelling.

4. Nora. It's nice it's just kinda bland.

3. Gwyneth. My fave spelling is Gweneth but I like any spelling better than Gwendolyn.

2. Brenna. I don't know why because they're so similar but I like this a million times better than Briana. It sounds more mature.

1. Maisie. Definitely my fave import from the British Isles. I wouldn't use it for my own kid but I'd definitely think of it next time I get a new pet.

New List: Top girls of 1960: Mary, Susan, Linda, Karen, Donna, Lisa, Patricia, Debra, Cynthia, Deborah, Sandra, Barbara

September 3, 2017 10:42 PM

12: Barbara: Makes me think of the word "Barbaric." Definately am not a fan. 

11: Sandra: It's ok, but a bit bland and over used. 

10: Mary: Its an ok name, but I don't care for it. Too "Basic and Expected."

9: Patricia: It's alright, I know lot's of very kind women with this name so it gives positive vibes, but It's very "basic and expected" like Mary. 

8: Susan: I dont like the inevitable nicknames Sue and Suzie, but i do think it's a cute name. 

7: Donna: It's an ok name, even better when combined with Bella. Belladonna. 

6: Debra: Ok, but i think it's not the prettiest name. 

5: Deborah: Much more elegant spelling than Debra.

4: Linda: My aunts name! I think it would be a cute middle name, but spelled Lynda. 

3: Cynthia: This name is very mystical sounding unlike the others, falling in my favorite baby name category.

2: Lisa: Cute and Simple. You can never go wrong with this name. 

1: Karen: I think this name is so cute! I had a dream when i was pregnant with my 1st that i had a little girl with curly brown hair and green eyes named Karen!


Mystical sounding names: Elliana, Auralyn, Eliseph, Athena, Freya, Fiona, Kaia, Noelani, Faye, Bellatrix, Ari, Nefertiri. 

September 4, 2017 11:52 AM

12. Auralyn. I loathe Aurelia with the passion of a thousand suns and the -lyn ending is really trashy, so I despise this.

11. Eliseph. It sounds like a high fantasy villainess.

10. Elliana. Another name that sounds really trashy.

9. Noelani. Doesn't look like a real name at all. It looks like a car crash of a name.

8. Bellatrix. I can't stand Harry Potter.

7. Nefertiri. Nefertiti wasn't a great queen.

6. Ari. I prefer it for boys.

5. Fiona. Shrek has made this completely unusable. Shame, it's so pretty.

4. Kaia. Eh, it's fine.

3. Freya. I can get behind it. It's a cool F name that's neither based on Frances or Florence, which I like because it comes in handy in name games :).

2. Athena. She's a kickass goddess, but fair warning that naming your kid Athena won't automatically make her smart. I know plenty of Sophias who are dumb as a post.

1. Faye. A classic that so needs to get out of the Siberia of the middle spot and take center stage again!

New List: Top girls names of 1990: Jessica, Ashley, Brittany, Amanda, Samantha, Sarah, Stephanie, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Lauren, Megan, Emily

September 7, 2017 11:49 PM

12: Jessica: too similar to my name which i unfortunately do not like. Can't get over the "ic" in it and i hate the nn Jessie. 

11: Samantha: Reminds me too much of Salamander and i hate the nn Sammy. 

10: Sarah: I feel its overused and plain. And also all i can think of when i hear the name is Sarah Plain and Tall. lol. 

9: Megan: Family guy ruined it for me with the daughter that's named Meg. 

8: Stephanie: I like Stephan, but Stephanie sounds made up, even though its been around awhile. 

7: Jennifer: I dont like the ending of the name. Sounds like "fur". 

6: Amanda: Not the best, but not the worst. 

5: Lauren: Very pretty. Its girly and bold at the same time! 

4: Brittany: This name is actually very cute, although i prefer Brittyn. 

3: Ashley: Love names with Ash in them, although i prefer Ashtyn over Ashley any day.

2: Elizabeth: A timeless and beautiful name i will always have a place in my heart for. 

1: Emily: My all time favorite name, I most likely will use this or a variation of this name for a future daughter. 


New List (Names i liked as a kid): Maxwell, Hudson, Nate, Leonardo, Xavier, Oakley (boy), Christian (girl), Robyn, Bluebell, Leah, Ruby, Christy

September 8, 2017 10:54 AM

12. Christian. I hate this name for boys and girls, actually. I don't think I'll ever be able to shake Christian Weston Chandler off the name.

11. Bluebell. I had a stuffed blue horse by this name as a kid, I can't see it on a person at all, although it'd be a cute name for a pet.

10. Leonardo. Not crazy about Da Vinci, DiCaprio, or the Ninja Turtle.

9. Oakley. I despise it on a girl but it's okay on a boy.

8. Ruby. It's beautiful, I'm just bored with it.

7. Christy. I can't use any Christy variants myself because of family reasons, but she spells her name with a K so I'm fine enough with this spelling.

6. Maxwell. Definitely my favorite Max variant, but I am a little bored of Max in general.

5. Xavier. Another one I like but am just a little bored with.

4. Nate. Very classic, nice boy-next-door. I feel like every Nate I've ever known has been nice.

3. Hudson. I love this so much for boys I really hope it doesn't go girl!

2. Leah. A classic that still sounds fresh, this was actually one of my favorites when I was a kid.

1. Robyn. One of my favorite guilty pleasure names! It sounds so cute and the y doesn't feel fake or out of place for once!

Next List: First 12 Girls names in the Namipedia: A'mari, Aabriella, Aada. Aagraha, Aahliyah, Aaina, Aaleila, Aalin, Aalis, Aaliya, Aaliyah, Aamna

September 8, 2017 5:36 PM

12. Aamna- Too close to a cuss word, and not even a variant of a cute name.

11. Aalin- Seriously. It's tacky, weird, and is like two letters away from alien.

10. Aagraha- What on Earth?

9. Aahliyah- Never really liked the name, but this spelling? Nope.

8. Aaina- It's not a name!

7. Aabriella- It's a cool idea, but still a bit cheap.

6. Aalis- Please just use Alice, or even Alys!

5. Aaliyah- Again, I never liked it, but at least it's the real spelling.

4. Aaleila- It's kinda nice.

3. A'mari- It's the (somewhat) original spelling of a cool African name.

2. Aaliya- I'm kind of weak for names that start and end with "A." This spelling appeals to me much more than the others.

1. Aada- Oh, Ada/Aida/Aada/Etc. You can do no wrong!!

New List (Princes): Eric, Adam, Aladdin, Charming, Eugene, Kristoff, Hans, Naveen, William, Harry, Charles, George

September 9, 2017 1:14 PM

12. Hans. Not only is the Frozen character a strike against it the only other Hans I can think of is villainous Hans Gruber from Die Hard.

11. Aladdin. A bit on the nose.

10. Charming. Ditto.

9. George. Just not a fan, I don't really care for soft Gs.

8. Harry. Eh, still feels a little old and stodgy to me. It just hasn't been used that much in the States since the '50's or so (I know it's a lot more timeless over in the UK), so it's always been in the same boat as Larry or Terry to me. Pretty dated.

7. William. Boring as all hell. Sue me.

6. Charles. It's solid.

5. Kristoff. I prefer Christopher but it's cool.

4. Naveen. I'm probably biased because I love The Princess & the Frog, but I like this name.

3. Eugene. Clunky cool.

2. Eric. A bit dated but still nice.

1. Adam. Very classic without being boring like William or dated like Harry.

New List: Last 12 girls' names in the Namipedia: Zyla, Zyanya, Zuzu, Zuzanna, Zuzana, Zuza, Zusa, Zurie, Zuria, Zuri, Zureen, Zura

September 10, 2017 1:18 AM

Zyla, Zyanya, Zuzu, Zuzanna, Zuzana, Zuza, Zusa, Zurie, Zuria, Zuri, Zureen, Zura

12: Zuzu: Does not sound like a name of a person, maybe a pet. Also is very kiddish. 

11: Zuza: I have the same feeling for this name as I do Zuzu.

10: Zusa: The name Zues is cool, but Zusa is a bit much. 

9: Zuzanna: I already dislike Susanna, and the Z's only make it worse.

8: Zuzana: Same as with Zuzanna, but i like it better with just 1 n.

7: Zyanya: Not too sure how its pronounced. Zy-uh-ny-uh? Sounds like a medication or some type of poison to me. 

6: Zureen: Somebody took Serene and tried to unique it up a notch. lol. It's not bad, but not the best. 

5: Zuria: Looks like someone took Syria and tried to turn it into a name, not working. 

4: Zura: Sounds very incomplete but is much better than Zuria.

3: Zyla: I like names with "yla" in them, so this works.

2: Zurie: This is actually really cute, although i prefer Suri.

1: Zuri: again I prefer Suri, but Zuri is better than Zurie. 


New List: Boy Names: Desmond, Liam, Fredrick, Oliver, Mitchell, Lawrence, Levi, Baxter, Dexter, Jax, Theodore, Finnegan. 


September 10, 2017 5:45 AM

12) Jax. This just has such a harsh sound. I'm not a fan.

11) Desmond

10) Baxter

9) Dexter

8) Fredrick. I don't mind Frederick, but this spelling is awful.

7) Mitchell. This is just too last name.

6) Finnegan. I know it's a proper (last) name, but it still feels like someone trying to make a full name out of Finn.

5) Levi. I'd probably like it more without the jeans association.

4) Liam

3) Lawrence

2) Oliver. One of my all-time favourites.

1) Theodore. I love Theodore! You get a nice full name, with cute nicknames like Theo and Teddy to boot. Perfect.

New list (girl versions of male names): Samantha, Justine, Michaela, Edwina, Johanna, Georgia, Simone, Davina, Jacqueline, Thomasina, Erica, Philippa 

September 10, 2017 7:25 AM

12: Samantha- I have never liked this name and really despise the nn Sam.

11: Thomasina- Doesnt sound right, Thomas is pure boy, adding ina to it to feminize it makes it look and sound terrible!

10: Jacqueline- It's just too harsh.

9: Erica- Too plain and expected.

8: Johanna- My middle name is Jo and I don't like it, and I also very much dislike Hanna.

7: Justine- Dislike it for the same reason I dislike Erica.

6: Davina- It's alright.

5: Philippa- Cute and worldly, I really like it!

4: Edwina- Love unique, old fashioned names!

3: Georgia- This state holds a special place in my heart, so I love it as a name!

2: Michaela - Love this name to death, although I prefer Mikayla.

1: Simone- Most gourgeous name around! Also my kitten's middle name. Her full name is Pippa Simone. 

New List: Food and Spice names- Apple, Cinnamon, Paprika, Thyme, Berry, Ceyenne, Pepper, Coco, Olive, Maple, Mocha, Clementine 

September 10, 2017 12:23 PM

You forgot Rosemary! That's the best spice name.

12. Thyme. Just not a name.

11. Clementine. See my response to the color list. I just cringe whenever I hear this name.

10. Mocha. Too tasty sounding. That's not what I want in a person name.

9. Maple. I'm already a little wary of the rise of Mabel, and I really don't want this name to get popular with it.

8. Apple. Too celeb.

7. Ceyenne. I love Cheyenne, but this just looks strange.

6. Coco. It's a cute nickname but it's not a cute full name.

5. Cinnamon. I like the sound but there's no cute nicknames (could you use Coco as a nickname for Cinnamon?)

4. Paprika. It'd be a cute way to the nickname Rikki.

3. Olive. I hate the food and I hate the color but it's a fine name.

2. Berry. I like it better for boys (a la Berry Gordy), don't much care for it for girls though.

1. Pepper. I gotta admit, Pepper is precious.


New List: First 12 girls names that got "time to subbed" in the Love Like Lose game (ie. They were so continuously liked we had to take them out of rotation to let other names in): Nora, Bridget, Vivian, Hannah, Maura, Simone, Claudia, Harlow, Polly, Ingrid, Aria, Rosa

September 17, 2017 12:47 AM

12. Nora- This used to be my favorite name but I am so over it. It sounds harsh to my ears now. 

11. Claudia- Not my style but pretty

10. Rosa- My least favorite Rose variant

9. Vivian- Okay

8. Ingrid- I just know an a stuck-up Ingrid but I like the name overall

7. Harlow- Pretty and masculine-sounding but I also feel like people are saying Harlot

6. Polly- A cute nickname

5. Bridget- A great underused name in my opinion. I think this will be popular soon.

4. Maura- Soft but not frilly sounding

3. Hannah- I LOVE hannah, it is s soft and classic

2. Aria- A favorite name of mine but a bit too popular now. 

1. Simone- A nice feminine name that grows well

New List: "Old names-" Agnes, Edith, Florence, Greta, Blanche, Gloria, Ellen, Slyvia, Maureen, Marjorie, Beverly, Lavinia

September 17, 2017 3:38 AM

12) Beverly. There's nothing good about this name.

11) Sylvia. I've always hated Sylvia. It just sounds so snobbish.

10) Maureen. I wish we could spell this in a more appealing way! Maurine? Morine? 

9) Lavinia. I have the same issue with this as with Sylvia. 

8) Gloria. I just don't like it.

7) Blanche. And once again, I live in France, and the only Blanche I know is a year younger than me. Even then, I don't like it.

6) Greta. My parents almost named me this. Thank God they went with awkward to explain/ spell but at least passable Isobel instead.

5) Marjorie. Looks like a misspelling of Margery, which I actually don't mind.

4) Agnes. I've tried to like Agnes more than I do, but it's still only okay.

3) Ellen. I like Ellen and always have.

2) Florence. I've always loved Florence and been indifferent to Flora and Fleur.

1) Edith! One of my favourite names. Together with Florence, Edith is on my list of names I might actually use.

New list (names beginning with E): Esme, Elsa, Emmalee, Erica, Elizabelle, Edison, Estelle, Espérance, Eve, Eugenia, Ethel, Ekaterina

September 17, 2017 7:19 PM

12. Esme. One of the most pretentious names of all time.

11. Edison. Not only does this read too boyish, this seems like a name that reads "my parents want me to be a nerd." Why do that to a kid?

10. Esperance. I like Esperanza but not this really.

9. Emmalee. Kind of trashy. I like Emily though.

8. Ekaterina. That E just looks like it got lost.

7. Eugenia. It's going to have a hard time coming back. I actually kind of like Eunice though.

6. Ethel. Admittedly I'm rooting for this one to come back. It's a nice name, and again: if Mabel can come back, anything can.

5. Elizabelle. I can get behind this too.

4. Estelle. I like this too.

3. Elsa. Actually, I think Frozen un-ruined this name for me. Before Frozen I thought Elsa was a super stodgy name but now my mental image is a lot more positive because of the movie.

2. Eve. A classic.

1. Erica. Long time guilty pleasure.

New List: Pop Princesses: Katy, Rhianna, Taylor, Sia, Miley, Kesha, Selena, Ariana, Demi, Meghan, Nicki, Camila