Name For Baby Five

My Sim is pregnant with her fifth child. Her children with her ex husband are Kayden Cruz and Avery Scotland, but I'm not too concerned about how their names match with baby's because they're much older and already out of the house. She's also got toddler twins with her current husband, Lucy Kate and Emery Adele. Her name is Mary and her husband's is Ethan. Their last name is Ramos. 

I've come up with a lot of names but none of them seem right, and I want this name to be perfect because the baby is going to be the one that carries on the family. 


Ruby, River, Piper, Stella, Elsie, Indie


Reed, Beau, Calvin, Fox, Hudson, Bennett, Micah, Coby, Jett

So far for a boy the frontrunner is Bennett nn Bear but I really don't have anything solid for a girl :(

Please give feedback and more suggestions!



November 6, 2019 6:03 AM

I wouldn't double up on initials, I like Piper and Ruby, Stella , Indi, you could also just use ruby and Indy to have the same ending as the others

Coby would be good and the same endings, the other names I like are beau, Calvin and Micah

Others with the same ending Amy Bethany, Kasey Darcy Aubrey Audrey Casey Delaney Felicity Hayley Holly ivy Milly Molly. Tiffany

Riley Corey Henry Wesley  Anthony Avery Bailey Brady Bradley Brody Finley Grady Harvey Harry Harley Jeremy Quincy Rory Timothy Stanley Zachary