Expert Help for Finding Baby Names

How do you find the perfect name?

Meet Baby Name Wizard Expert

Every name paints a picture, of style and culture and personality. You can read name lists and dictionaries, but how do you find the name that paints the perfect picture for YOUR child?

Baby Name Wizard Expert Edition is the revolutionary answer. Created by best-selling name author Laura Wattenberg, the Expert tools go beyond alphabetical lists. They get to the essence of name style—and guide you, personally, to the kind of names you've been searching for. Best of all, you'll have fun along the way.

Name Matchmaker

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Love Ava but afraid it's too popular? Want sibling names for Beckett with that same literary flavor? The Name MatchMaker uses exclusive data and algorithms to learn about your taste and suggest names that "match,” while you guide it with expert controls.(requires Flash)

Name Voyager Expert

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Surf the acclaimed NameVoyager with expert controls! Find combinations of letters anywhere within a name -- view all names with a "z" in them, or ending in "-ella." Or narrow your search based on name popularity, past and present. (Requires Flash)

Name Finder Expert

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The Expert version of our NameFinder offers even more search options. Tap into the opinions of thousands of users to find names that sound smart, or friendly, or sexy. Use the flexible text search to find name pages with words like "Hawaiian" or "mythological."