About The Book

About the Book

The Baby Name Wizard is the expert guide to baby name style. More than a dictionary, the Wizard uses exclusive research and computer models to guide you to the names that fit your unique taste. You'll understand names on a whole new level...and have some fun along the way.

A note from author Laura Wattenberg

"My friends took all the good names."

"I've always loved the name Olivia, but now there are three Olivias on our block."

"We want an Irish name, but not just another Sean or Brian."

"We want a name kind of like Caroline, but not exactly Caroline, you know?"

Yep, I know. I've been there. When I was stuck for a name for my child, the standard name books couldn't help. What I needed wasn't a dictionary -- it was a "buyer's guide" to names.

Why not? When it came to choosing a stroller or high chair, advice was at the ready. I could learn which choices were most popular and get suggestions of alternatives to consider. I wanted a way to get that kind of inside scoop on names, too. So I created one.

The Baby Name Wizard is the result of my years of research into name trends. The databases and computer models behind it incorporate everything from soap opera cast lists to Ivy League alumni rosters. You'll see some of this research in the book's trademark popularity graphs, and even more in the "sibling name" suggestions, a key feature of my original buyer's guide dream. The goal of the Wizard is to guarantee that you'll never feel stuck for a name. Just start with one name you like, and the book will guide you to more and more ideas that fit your personal taste and style.

Since the book first came out in 2005, I've heard from thousands of parents via this website. I've been thrilled to hear your baby naming success stories, and to talk names with you! Once you go through the book, please do come back here and join in the discussion with a terrific community of insightful name enthusiasts.

- Laura Wattenberg